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Who we are

Stonehedge is a project realization company that emerged from Stonehedge Group in 2021. We plan and implement sustainable new residential construction projects, drawing on the Stonehedge Group’s many years of expertise.

Steinwerk Real Estate - Nachhaltiger Wohnungsneubau Berlin
Steinwerk Real Estate - Nachhaltiger Wohnungsneubau Berlin

As a project implementer and investment partner, Steinwerk creates new, sustainable living space in high-demand growth regions in and around Berlin, as well as in various regions of eastern Germany. Our projects are characterized by a high level of user comfort, taking social and municipal aspects into account.

A central component of our corporate philosophy is our ecological approach to construction, supporting the achievement of the world’s global climate goals.

Our Expertise

Steinwerk is built on strong values: flexibility, speed, initiative, discipline and partnership. Thanks to the extensive expertise within the Stonehedge Group and our wide-ranging network in the construction and real estate industry, we can plan and implement residential construction projects which put users’ needs first direct from the start, are completed promptly and cost-effectively and can be marketed efficiently.

Steinwerk Real Estate - Nachhaltiger Wohnungsneubau Berlin

The Steinwerk Team

Steinwerk Immobilien - Nedeljko Prodanovic

Nedeljko Prodanovic

As managing partner and shareholder of the Stonehedge Group, it is Nedelkko Prodanovic's aim to deliver services and assets of the highest quality. The business economist (MA) is responsible for the areas of strategy, global trade and investor relations.

Steinwerk Immobilien - Christiane Bohm

Christiane Bohm

Christiane Bohm is Managing Director of Steinwerk and has been part of the Stonehedge Group since April 2020. In her previous position as CEO of CR Capital Real Estate AG she has been in charge of numerous new residential construction projects, which were successfully completed and marketed.

Steinwerk Immobilien - Sven Lewandowski

Sven Lewandowski

With his technical background and extensive know-how, Mr. Lewandowski supports Steinwerk as technical project manager. He has gained extensive experience at well-known companies such as Techem and BUWOG. Today he controls the technical aspects of our building projects planning.

Steinwerk Immobilien - Götz Lingenthal

Götz Lingenthal

Götz Lingenthal is a licensed attorney and doctoral student in corporate and finance law. He heads the Business Development and M&A department of the Stonehedge Group. With his many years of expertise in the areas of M&A, corporate, transformation, group and accounting law as well as in the areas of corporate strategy and transactions, he supports and advises Steinwerk.

Alexander Jensen

Alexander Jensen oversees land acquisition and has extensive experience in acquisition as a licensed broker. Mr. Jensen was employed at JLL and McMakler, among others.

Steinwerk Immobilien - Volker Voigtsberger

Dr. Volker Voigtsberger

Dr Volker Voigtsberger is Technical Project Manager at Steinwerk and oversees all technical aspects of project development and construction. Dr Voigtsberger has been in the real estate industry for more than 25 years and held among other positions, the post of CEO of Windsor AG and as managing director of other real estate companies.